TEGG Service Provider

TEGG service provider

Action Electrical is a proud licensed TEGG service provider with years of experience in electrical distribution preventative maintenance. 

What is TEGG?

TEGG is a highly regarded worldwide organization that trains and licences contractors in the TEGG System; a method to prevent unplanned downtime and to protect employees from dangerous electrical hazards.

The TEGG System employs world-class strategy, innovative technology, and ongoing support in order to help contractors provide clients with the very best and highest standard of electrical preventative maintenance. 

As a generational family business, Action Electrical is committed to designing, constructing, and maintaining the highest quality electrical systems. This includes a long and extended system life, decreased risk to your property, and preventative safety measures by utilizing methods such as infrared thermography and ultrasonic testing for the wellbeing of your employees through TEGG preventative maintenance.

TEGG service provider


The reality is all electrical equipment requires periodical maintenance. Ignoring the importance of electrical system maintenance can cause power quality problems that lead to loss of data and malfunction of computerized equipment. Power outages can also cause business to be interrupted; wages and lost productivity can end up costing companies thousands of dollars for every hour they go without power. 

As a TEGG service contractor, Action can meet the highest electrical preventative maintenance requirements and maximize the life of your facility’s electrical distribution system. Without preventative maintenance, an electrical distribution system can waste $1,000 to $4,000 in electric utility cost a month.

TEGG isn't just recognized amongst electrical contractors. Insurance companies recognize the risk associated with electrical distribution systems and our Electrical System Analysis Reports and Insurance Certifications demonstrate your commitment to reduce risk for both your business and your insurance provider. This can result in premium savings.

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"Your teamwork and cooperation combined with excellent coordination was much appreciated and is above industry standard. We look forward to the opportunity of working with Action Electrical Ltd. on many future projects."

- Jared Seida, C.E.T. Sr. Project Manager at Synergy Projects