Certificate of Recognition

Action Electrical Ltd. is proud to have been awarded a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Government of Alberta. This certificate demonstrates that Action Electrical’s health and safety programs has been evaluated by a certified auditor and deemed to meet the standards established by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Alberta Construction Safety Association

Membership with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) provides Action Electrical Ltd. with additional support in providing a safe workplace for our employees. On top of access to training and certifications, membership with ACSA also provides the opportunity to work with industry partners to develop and advocate a culture of safety in the construction industry.

Edmonton Construction Association

As a member of the Edmonton Construction Association (ECA), Action Electrical Ltd. joins numerous other vendors and service providers to form a hub of construction excellence. Through the ECA, Action Electrical Ltd. builds strong relationships and solutions that lead to exceptional work in our trade and beyond.

As an Avetta compliant supplier Action Electrical is able to Manage Supplier relationships in one simple platform, protecting our workers and our reputation. Action's customers use Avetta to reduce risk and improve safety and sustainability in their supplier prequalification process.


ComplyWorks allows Action Electrical Ltd. to meet health, safety, and environment regulations by offering a platform for compliance management. We effectively track workforce compliance certifications, permits, and tickets, including courses taken on codes of conduct and environmental policies; this helps us reduce compliance risk and manage our workforce with ease.

contractor check accredited member

As a Contractor Check Accredited Member, Action Electric Ltd. has access to health and safety assessments, complete with documentation and proof of training, procedures, and insurance compliance. Accreditation provides Action Electrical Ltd. with support in risk-mitigation, due diligence, and compliance. 

Alberta Blue Cross

Membership with the Alberta Blue Cross allows Action Electrical Ltd. to support the growth and well-being of our workforce. This is done by providing our employees with access to health benefits, training programs, scholarships, and more.

BOMA Edmonton

Allied membership with BOMA Edmonton allows Action Electrical Ltd. to support commercial real estate in and around Edmonton. Being a BOMA allied member strengthens our accreditation in our dedicated service towards commercial real estate electrical requirements.

"Your teamwork and cooperation combined with excellent coordination was much appreciated and is above industry standard. We look forward to the opportunity of working with Action Electrical Ltd. on many future projects."

- Jared Seida, C.E.T. Sr. Project Manager at Synergy Projects