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Action Electrical offers the following TEGG electrical distribution preventative maintenance services:

Power Quality Assessments

By testing and analyzing your electrical systems we'll be able to identify areas that need to be corrected before you lose out on data, time and money. We provide comprehensive data logging and analysis reports on power quality that help you address power factor issues and ultimate help to save you money.

Phase balance testing

Phase balancing testing allows us to address unbalanced components that increase power-quality problems and total harmonic distortion, as well as increased temperature rise of devices and current-carrying conductors. 

Infrared detection

Infrared thermography cameras help us measure and take pictures of your electrical equipment in order to identify high-resistance electrical connections, defective circuit breakers, current overload conditions, and defective insulator conditions. Infrared thermography is one approach to reduce the risk of loss of power and safety and fire hazards that could be caused by high-resistant or loose connections. Identifying these conditions protects your business from downtime, loss of production, and equipment failures and fires.

Ultrasonic testing

By measuring and recording sound waves and/or vibrations that are above audible sound, we are able to determine if there is corona discharge, tracking, arcing or vibration present. By using ultrasonic testing we are able to assure the quality and integrity of your electrical system. Used to complement the infrared testing, ultrasonic testing can uncover additional problems that infrared imaging cannot see.

Metering and voltage

Voltage and current diagnostics

Harmonics testing 

This testing is used to determine if your harmonic contaminations are within acceptable tolerance levels. We can capture and record Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage (THDV) and Total Harmonic distortion of Current (THDC) that exceed IEEE standards and recommendations, and help you address this issue. Harmonics can cause neutral conductors to overheat, damage to transformer, and failure of motors. High heating loads caused by excessive harmonic content has been known to cause fires, and can damage electronic microprocessor based equipment.

True RMS Testing 

By determining if the correct voltage and amperage is present to properly operate your equipment and optimize its life cycle, we can reduce the incidence of low/high voltages or amperages that can damage your electrical equipment. How do we do it? We capture and record the square root of the average square of the instantaneous magnitude of the voltage and current.

Voltage Sag Testing 

Voltage sags are a momentary decrease in voltage, and are considered to be the most prominent power quality problem. They cause systems to shut down, and can be a factor in the high costs related to loss of productivity.  We test for this by taking either instantaneous readings or by measuring voltage sag over a period of time. 

Voltage Surge Testing 

When electrical distribution systems experience voltage surges and transients, premature data transmission disruptions, computer malfunctions, premature equipment failure, and catastrophic damage can occur. By taking instantaneous readings or by measuring voltage surges over a period of time, we are able to help prevent the destruction caused by voltage surges.

Voltage drop testing 

Voltage drop testing determines if the electrical components, like disconnect knife switches, fuse clips, circuit breakers, etc., have a higher than 100Mv voltage drop across the measured points. High voltage drop means the contact points can overheat, but by testing, measuring and recording, fire hazards and destruction of the electrical device can be prevented.

Arc flash

Coordination Studies

Arc flash coordination studies determine the level of arc hazard risk present in a workplace. Action provides full on-site evaluations that include a documented assessment of the electrical system and a report highlighting the areas of potential risk. Action will clearly outline what necessary changes should be made to the workplace (if any) in order to keep workers safe and to improve the electrical system. 

Safety Training

Employers have a legal duty to protect workers from workplace hazards. Action offers arc flash safety training so employers can identify when a shock/arc flash hazard exists, create a best practice plan that addresses arc flash hazards, select the most appropriate personal protective equipment for workers and advance their overall job safety mandate.

Electric assest management

Your electrical distribution system is an asset and an investment. The average life expectancy of an electrical distribution system is only 17 years, but when maintained with electrical preventative services, electrical systems can increase life expectancy up to 35 years.

Action employs innovative asset management software to keep concise records, follow-up on repairs and monitor operation parameters and conditions. This ensures electrical systems are always running smoothly and attended to when necessary, helping your electrical system life expectancy increase.

Insurance certification

Insurance companies lose millions of dollars each year due to electrical failure. When insurance companies lose, so do their customers. More and more, insurance companies are encouraging their customers to participate in electrical preventive maintenance. It's a savings for all.

Action offers comprehensive documents and certifications that can help you with your insurance premiums. 

Guaranteed maintenance agreements 

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