Why you should do a commercial lighting retrofit?

A lighting retrofit is when you remove existing lighting from your business and upgrade it with new technologies, such as energy-efficient LED lights. Any building built before the 2000s (and some build after) should consider doing a lighting retrofit as it can be extremely beneficial to a business’s bottom line.

Everyone knows that LED’s are more efficient than traditional lighting options, they last longer and use less energy this means that utilizing Commercial LED lighting retrofits will save money in the long run, with less cost involved in the maintenance and replacement of bulbs. Another benefit of an energy-efficient retrofit is lower energy bills, this is an important consideration when taking Edmonton’s long winter months into account. LED lights not only save money but also improve light quality, meaning outdoor commercial LED lights provide better security for your business by providing larger light pools. Brighter interior lights can prevent workplace accidents and have been proven to prevent drowsiness.

There are two components of a lighting retrofit; fixtures and luminaries. Replacing only the luminaries and not the fixtures can seem more cost-effective but can limit conversion options of the LED bulbs. Another consideration when looking at a retrofit is that hardware options, if dimmers are currently in use the probability of compatibility with LED lighting is slim and chances are new hardware will be required.

Action Electrical is an expert when it comes to commercial lighting retrofits, check out the total energy upgrade we completed for WCB. If you are considering a lighting retrofit please contact us with any questions you may have.