NAIT Building "U" 13.8kV Switchgear

NAIT’s 13.8kV switchgear was exceeding its life expectancy, so Action Electrical was brought in to replace it. We were the prime contractor on the job and saw it through from start to finish, using our full circle approach to provide thorough, and efficient service. A new switchgear requires new cable, and our team pulled 1000ft of 150A 15kV teck cable from the upstream supply. Once that was finished, the team replaced two 15kV 600V transformers through an exit hatch that was only 2 inches bigger than the transformers themselves, making it difficult to lift them out.

Because of other ongoing projects and the new school term starting it was critical that we completed the project within the scheduled window, all while the school was still operational. We planned for a two-week time frame and were able to complete the replacement in 5 days. The project consisted of 1,500 man hours, and the bulk of this project was completed within this 5-day window.

Project Highlights

1000ft Wire Pull

Niche Project

5 Days, 1,500 Man Hours

Foundation for Future Projects

Full Circle Project

Project Facts

  • NAIT Campus
  • 2019
  • Project, Service, TEGG
  • Electrical