ABCRC Recycling Plant

The Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Center (ABCRC) project was a highlight of 2018 for Action Electrical.  We were able to work with a very good client of ours, Remington Development Corporation, and were able to turn the building over to the owner on time.  This project afforded us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles a bit.  Due to strict requirements to keep all wiring out of the slab we were required to run all conduit systems overhead.  With cantruss racks both ceiling and wall mounted we were able to efficiently run all our conduits without additional bends or offsets due to structure or other trades.  Some very large equipment for compaction and baling of materials required a great amount of coordination with all trades on site.  The design build office space lead us to a cost effective and very user-friendly space.  The nature of the facility also meant that exterior lighting was paramount for proper security.  With a combination of building and pole lighting all corners of the space are well lit and help to prevent unwanted guests.


Our Foreman on site, Rigo, had this to say about the project: “Working on this site was a good challenge for us, it was something different. Working with the specialized equipment like the compactors and the conveyors broadened our experience because you don’t see things like this on every site. We are also really happy with the conduit runs and how they turned out.”


Project Highlights

Specialized Equipment Broadened Experience.

Cooperation with all other trades on site.

Large Scale Project


Project Facts

  • Edmonton, AB
  • 2019
  • Electrical
  • 106,000 Square Feet