Design and Build

electrical design builds

Action offers design and build services that are customized to a client's specific needs, industry, goals and project specifications.

The benefits of design build

  1. Customized build project tailored to client needs and budget
  2. The ability to pick and choose options and elements right for your project
  3. Cost budgeting
  4. No unexpected change orders
  5. Superior customer service from beginning to end

Design build layouts

We can layout your entire project, plot your drawings and assist you with design build strategy to ensure your project will be exactly what you want.

Design build engineered layouts

Action offers comprehensive design build engineered layouts that address power system design, lighting, and utility design and power distribution.


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"I have worked with Action Electrical for the past 20 years... They have proven themselves a reliable partner for retail, office, commercial and light industrial projects and are comfortable with hard bid, design build and negotiated contracts. We will continue to partner with them to create great solutions for our clients."

- Sheldon Taitinger, Remington Development Corporation